Landscapes and Monuments

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  1. I enjoyed your Photography Life article, and your photographs. They remind me of my own style. I prefer strong, saturated colors, which I often end up with when using RAW. I am wondering if you use Jpeg or RAW? I am fairly new to RAW and find that without a Jpeg reference I tend to over saturate sunrises and sunsets in particular, perhaps because I like them that way. I guess a clue whether or not it is over done is when people ask me if that is the way it came out of the camera. I tell them that is the way I saw it.

    Anyway, I wanted to express my admiration of your photography.

    1. Thanks, Steve. I’ve followed you on 500px.

      I’m also a big fan of strong saturated colors. I shoot in RAW only. I then take it to lightroom and make some adjustments. For many of them, I then take them into photoshop. I prefer photoshop’s healing brush and clone stamp to the tools in lightroom for touchups I need to make. I also like the masking features in PS. I have recently been using a lot of gradient mapping as well (I’m a fan of the purple to orange gradient). Anyway, I tend to like pastels a bit less, so I often make skies a little darker blue or purple and I tend to like yellows to be a little more orange. Most of the time I’m trying to make things about how I saw them, but I occasionally like to amp up the drama a bit. That said, I personally never change out skies or add elements that weren’t there in the original (e.g. birds).

      Oh, another thing. I find that I will do an edit and then sometimes I’ll let it sit for a few hours and look at it again. Often I’ll feel like it was overdone and tone it down. Sometimes I will also do two or three edits and put them all up side by side and decide what I like best.

  2. Dear Photographer,
    I have just read your interesting article in photography life l and I admit that I have never found something like that. I have been interested in general photography for a long time but just do that from time to time. The article made me think again about trying that hobby more thoughtfully.Thanks a lot.

    1. Thanks, Mahmoud. Glad you felt inspired. Coming up with your own project and seeing it through to completion is really rewarding!

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